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Dear Parents,

Greetings from Indian Online School – a school for OLYMPIAD Champions!!!

We welcome you to evaluate your preparation for Olympiad exams for Math, Science and English subjects for class 2 to class 8. These test series are completely FREE. Every Sunday, a new test shall be available for one subject (Math/ Science/ English)for each class (Class 2 to class 8).

Indian Online School is committed to provide best guidance and mentorship for various Olympiad exams. FREE ONLINE TEST SERIES shall help students to understand the pattern of various Olympiad exams, identifying strong and week areas and prepare well.

Steps to take FREE SUNDAY TEST SERIES and Important points:

  1. Register yourself and start evaluating your preparation.
  2. Free test links available on this page shall be active ONLY on every SUNDAY from 11:00 AM IST to 05:00 PM IST.
  3. Click on the test link (scroll down, available links shall be active on Sunday from 11:00 AM IST to 05:00 PM IST).
  4. After the completion, submit your test.
  5. You shall be able to see your score immediately after the submission.
  6. The top ranker’s results shall be published on our Facebook page,

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Schedule for test for Grade 2 to Grade 8

Date (Subject) Date (Subject) Date (Subject) Date (Subject) Date (Subject) Date (Subject)
June 2024 2nd (Math) 9th (Science) 16th (English) 23rd (Math) 30th (Science)
July 2024 7th (English) 14th (Math) 21st (Science) 28th (English)  
August 2024 4th (Math) 11th (Science) 18th (English) 25th (Math)  
September 2024 1st (Science) 8th (English) 15th (Math) 22nd (Science) 29th (English)
October 2024 6th (Math) 13th (Science) 20th (English) 27th (Math)  
November 2024 3rd (Science) 10th (English) 17th (Math) 24th (Science)  
December 2024 1st (English) 8th (Math) 15th (Science) 22nd (English) 29th (Math)

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