Science Olympiad Class 2


Module 1 Plants
Unit 1 Types of plants  
Unit 2 Parts of plants  
Unit 3 Plant modification  
Unit 4 Uses of plants  
Unit 5 Care of plants  
Module 2 Animals
Unit 1 Life cycle of various animals  
Unit 2 Animal characteristics  
Unit 3 Animal houses/habitats  
Module 3 Human Body
There are no units in this module.
Module 4 Locate body parts in a picture
There are no units in this module.
Module 5 Main functions of all parts of the body (external), sense organs
There are no units in this module.
Module 6 Care of body parts and sense organs
There are no units in this module.
Module 7 Food
Unit 1 Importance and need of food  
Unit 2 Major food items  
Unit 3 Food items for bodybuilding, energy-giving  
Unit 4 Healthy and junk food  
Module 8 Housing and Clothing
Unit 1 Types of houses  
Unit 2 Material used in various kind of houses  
Unit 3 Need and care of house/household things  
Unit 4 Variety of cloth material  
Unit 5 Sources of natural and man-made fibers, sources  
Unit 6 Dress material suited to different climatic conditions  
Module 9 Family and Festivals
Unit 1 Types of families  
Unit 2 Importance of family  
Unit 3 Different types of festivals celebrated  
Module 10 Occupations
Unit 1 Identifying different helpers of society  
Unit 2 Understanding their role in community service  
Unit 3 Famous personalities of the world  
Module 11 Good Habits and Safety Rules
Unit 1 Learn about good and bad habits  
Unit 2 Understanding of how accidents happen  
Unit 3 Study how accidents can be avoided  
Unit 4 Know about first aid and how to give medical help to the injured person  
Unit 5 Different safety rules  
Module 12 Transport and Communication
Unit 1 Need for various kind of transport  
Unit 2 Different modes of transport  
Unit 3 Means and ways of communication  
Unit 4 Need for communication  
Unit 5 Need for communication  
Module 13 Air
Unit 1 Simple properties of air  
Unit 2 Airborne diseases and their prevention  
Unit 3 Cause of air pollution  
Unit 4 Uses of air in daily life  
Unit 5 Need for clean air  
Module 14 Water and Rocks
Unit 1 Sources of water  
Unit 2 Need for water for plants, animals and human beings  
Unit 3 Clean water for drinking  
Unit 4 Causes of water pollution  
Unit 5 Different types of rocks and minerals  
Module 15 Earth and Universe
Unit 1 Various seasons and sky  
Unit 2 Solar system and other heavenly bodies  
Unit 3 Day and Night formation  

List Of Science Olympiad Exams For Class 2

  • SOF National Science Olympiad (NSO)
  • CREST Science Olympiad (CSO)
  • Silverzone International Olympiad of Science (IOS)
  • Unified Council- National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE)
  • Humming Bird Science Olympiad (HSO)
  • EduHeal National Interactive Science (NISO)
  • Indian Talent Olympiad- International Science (ISO)
  • Home Bhabha Centre for Science Education- Science Olympiad
  • Indian School Talent Search Exam (ISTSE)
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