Math Olympiad
Class 3


Numerals, Number Name and Number Sense
  • Even and odd numbers
  • Comparison of numbers and arrange them in ascending and descending order
  • Number names and their numerals
  • To make greatest and smallest numbers using the given digits
Computation operations
  • Addition and subtraction of numbers
  • Multiplication and division of numbers
  • Fraction on the number line
  • Comparison of fractions
  • Addition and subtraction of fraction with same denominator
  • Addition and subtraction on the number line
  • Conversion of rupees into paisa and vice versa
  • Addition and subtraction of money
  • Multiplication and division of money
Length and Weight
  • Length
  • Weight
Capacity and Quantity
  • Conversion of volume and capacity (ml-l-kl)
  • Addition and subtraction of volume and capacity
  • Multiplication and division of volume and capacity
  • The clock
  • Conversion of time
  • Addition and subtraction of time
  • Day, month and year
  • Definitions of line, point and line segment
  • Plane figures and solid shapes
  • Faces, edges and corners
  • Understanding temperature in degree Celsius
  • Estimate and measure temperature in degree Celsius
  • Addition and subtraction of temperature

List Of Math Olympiad Exams For Class 3

  • SOF International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)
  • CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO)
  • Silverzone International Olympiad of Mathematics (IOM)
  • Unified Council- Unified International Mathematics Olympiad (UIMO)
  • HummingBird Mathematics Olympiad (HMO)
  • EduHeal National Interactive Math (NIMO)
  • Indian Talent Olympiad- International Mathematics (IMO)
  • Southeast Asian Mathematics Olympiad (SEAMO)
  • Indian School Talent Search Exam (ISTSE)
  • ASSET Mathematics
  • International Assessments for Indian Schools (IAIS)- IAIS Math
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