english Olympiad
Class 6


  • Subject-verb agreement with intervening phrases and clauses
  • Identify common and proper nouns
  • Identify plurals, singular possessives, and plural possessives
  • Identify and correct errors with plural and possessive nouns
  • Pronouns in the proper case, reflexive pronouns, pronoun number and person, pronoun
  • Identify pronouns and their antecedents
  • Use the pronoun that agrees with the antecedent
  • Choose between subject and object pronouns
  • Use possessive pronouns
  • Use reflexive pronouns
  • Identify relative pronouns
Verbs and Phrasal Verbs
  • Transitive and intransitive verbs
  • Recognition of correct and incorrect /inappropriate shifts in verb tense
  • Identify main verbs and helping verbs
  • Identify transitive and intransitive verbs
  • Identify linking verbs, predicate adjectives and predicate nouns
  • Use the perfect verb tenses
  • Form the perfect verb tenses
  • Position of adverbs
  • Identify adverbs
  • Use relative adverbs
  • Form and use comparative and superlative adverbs
  • Transitions with conjunctive adverbs
  • sentences using appropriate comparative or superlative forms
  • Change the degrees of comparison without changing the meaning
  • Identify adjectives
  • Order adjectives
  • Simple Prepositions
  • Compound Prepositions
  • Phrasal Prepositions
  • Use coordinating conjunctions
  • Identify coordinating conjunctions
  • Identify subordinating conjunctions
Tenses- Perfect, Past – Simple, Continuous, and Perfect
  • Tenses to convey various times, sequences, states, and conditions
  • Identifying the tense
  • Simple past tense, Past perfect tense, Simple present tense
  • Present continuous tense, Present perfect tense, Present perfect continuous tense, Change into past continuous tense
Passive and Reported Speech
  • Active voice and passive voice – Introduction
  • Voice – Simple Present Tense
  • Subject Verb Agreement in Active and Passive Voice
  • Direct and Indirect Speech – Introduction
  • Reporting Verbs
  • Introduction to Reported Speech
Short Composition (Notices and Messages)
Composition Based on Visual Stimulus and Letter
Spoken and Written Expression

List Of English Olympiad Exams For Class 6

  • SOF International English Olympiad (IEO)
  • CREST English Olympiad (CEO)
  • Silverzone International Olympiad of English (iOEL)
  • Unified Council- Unified International English (UIEO)
  • Humming Bird English Olympiad (HEO)
  • EduHeal International English (IEO)
  • Indian Talent Olympiad- English International (EIO)
  • Indian School Talent Search Exam (ISTSE)
  • ASSET English
  • International Assessments for Indian Schools (IAIS)- IAIS English
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