Yes, our program has been structured as one in all which includes live interactive classes, doubt sessions along with practice worksheets, assessments, and mock tests with performance analysis.

Olympiad exams not only imparts the subject knowledge, but these exams enhance the logical, analytical, and reasoning capabilities of the children. These skills help the child to be more confident, problem solver and a continuous learner.

Olympiad exams covers CBSE, ICSE and major state board syllabus. These exams majorly cover NCERT curriculum of respective grades and subjects.

Olympiad exams are competitive exams in which students from LKG to 12 participate globally. Olympiad exams covers a wide range of curriculum from CBSE, ICSE, State and other boards. The examination is based on multiple choice questions. These exams help the students to identify their capabilities and potential.

From a young age, Olympiad tests evaluate conceptual learning and develop a student’s reasoning, analytical, and problem-solving capabilities. In this approach, the student prepares for the competitive world’s impending challenges. Science, English, Mathematics, general knowledge, computers, and social science are the primary disciplines that will be examined through Olympiad exams.

Yes, you can take a free demo class. Click here to book free demo class.

Olympiad classes conducted by Indian Olympiad School is not only the regular tuition. Students do not need the regular tuitions who have enrolled for our Olympiad classes. We cover whole syllabus of respective grades and subjects along with logical, analytical, and reasoning skills. Click here to book free demo class.

We guide and mentor the students for Olympiad exam preparation.

Olympiad exam evaluates conceptual learning and develop student’s reasoning, analytical, and problem-solving capabilities. Olympiad exam helps the student to prepare for the competitive world’s impending challenges. These exams are entirely mapped with school curriculum and help children to develop thinking, logical and reasoning skills.

Yes, a student can participate in more than one subject. Subject choices are based on individual interest.

Yes, a student can participate in more than one type of Olympiad exam. Few Olympiad organizations conducts exams through school only. If your school is participating, then you can enroll. Few Olympiad organizations conducts exam through school and online. Students can enroll in online mode of exam conducted by Olympiad organization.

Few organizations conduct Olympiad exams exam both through school and online. In online mode, a student can register as an individual.

Generally, syllabus for Olympiad exams is like regular school syllabus. Questions are trickier in Olympiad exams. Students can refer to the syllabus of their respective academics (State board, CBSE, ICSE & International board) for concepts. Olympiad exam in which you have enrolled, you can practice accordingly. Indian Online School provides complete guidance for multiple Olympiad exams. (https://indianonlineschool.com/olympiad-program-details/).

We do not refund part or full fees paid.

Olympiad exams hold significance as they concentrate on enhancing conceptual knowledge within the framework of the school curriculum. By doing so, these exams contribute to fortifying students’ reasoning, analytical, and problem-solving skills, ultimately preparing them for future competitions. Consequently, Olympiad exams play a crucial role in the school education system.

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