Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC)

SIMOC Overview

The Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC) is an annual competition with aim of nurturing and promoting mathematical talent. The SIMOC global platform allow students to showcase their skills and engage with their peers.

SIMOC competitions consists of three rounds: the Individual Contest, the Team Contest, and the Math Warriors’ Challenge. This format encourages students to excel in individual problem-solving as well as fostering collaboration and teamwork among contestants.

SIMOC Benefits

  • Develop their ability to apply mathematics in real life.
  • Helps in developing skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical reasoning.

SIMOC Exam Structure

SIMOC consists of three categories:

  • Math Olympiad Contest for grades 1 to 12 (Primary 2 to Junior College 2)
  • Maths Warriors Competition (team based)
  • Mind Sports Challenge (team based)

Event wise details are as below:

Math Olympiad Test

  • Math Olympiad test is an individual written exam from Grade 1 to 11/12 (Primary 1 to Junior College 1/2).
  • Duration for test is 90 minutes
  • Paper consists of 25 questions
  • Student starts the test with 15 bonus points and the Perfect Score is 85 points
  • Section A comprises of 15 Multiple Choice Questions, marking is as below:
    1. 2 points for correct answer
    2. 0 points for unanswered question
    3. Penalty point (deduct 1 point) for wrong answer
  • Section B comprises of 10 Open-ended Questions, marking is as below:
    1. 4 points for correct answer
    2. No penalty point for wrong answer

Math Master Mind

  • Math Master Mind is team-based and all the responses will be entered into Online Contest System (OCS).
  • No points will be awarded for unanswered questions and wrong answers.
  • Response shall be entered in OCS as per steps mentioned below:
    1. Each team will have maximum 9 students and will be put into 1 breakout room.
    2. One person will selected as leader by each team among the team members and leader will be responsible to log into OCS to input their answers.
    3. The leader will share his/her screen to show the questions to the team for discussion.
    4. Each question will present five numbers- one number will be at the centre and remaining four at the four corners
    5. The team will have to use the numbers at four corners and the four operations (+,-, x, ÷) to form an equation equating to the number at the centre.
    6. Once answer is decided, the leader will enter the full mathematical statement into OCS.
    7. After all the questions are answered, the leader will click on the ‘Finish’ button on the bottom right corner on the screen to submit.

Instructional video for Math Master Mind:

Math Warriors Competition

Math Warriors is designed to tests student’s ability to do mental sums as well as strategic thinking.

Please click Math Warrior Rule to understand the rule.

Team formation is as below:

  • The students will be grouped into a team of 3 and placed into their division by SIMOC organisers.
  • Each team will be comprised of a member from a different country and as much as possible a different grade within the same division.
  • Each student will join 2 partners from different grades and countries to compete in one of 3 divisions:
    1. Lower Division(Grade 2 to 4)
    2. Middle Division (Grade 5 to 7)
    3. Upper Division(Grade 8 to 10)
  • Mind Sports Challenge
    1. This is a one-hour activity (same team as Maths Warriors).
    2. Please refer to the instruction video


Singapore student

  • Click here to register as Singapore candidate.
  • Check your email inbox.

Registration is successfully completed ONLY when the Registration confirmation email and Stripe receipt. If there is any issue please contact at

Few important point to note:

  • If the participants is not able to appear for the competition then registration fees will be forfeited for those participants.
  • Training fess will be forfeited for participants who do not turn for lessons.
  • Schedule are arranged based on Grade and Slots by the SIMOC team. Booking of schedule is not allow.
  • Participants are responsible to ensure that the names are entered correctly as these will be printed on the certificates while submitting the form. Reprinting charges of SGD50 per certificate will be levied for any changes.
  • Registration fees must be paid by credit/debit card.
  • Upon successful completion of registration, an email and Stripe receipt will be received by each participants.
  • The organiser reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations of the competition.
  • Cancellation policy: SIMCC will charge full rate on any cancellation once it is submitted. Any refund request is subjected to SIMCC management approval.
  • SIMCC Policy: SIMCC reserves the right to change any of the contest arrangements include but not limited to the following.
    1. Contest venue (Onsite or Online)
    2. Date and time of the contest

There will be no refund if there is any changes as the organization will do our best to arrange for the competition based on the situation.

Overseas students

Please contact respective country partner for registration details.


Math Olympiad Test

  • Perfect Score Award (Full mark) – qualifies as a significant award for IJHS
  • Gold Award (Top 10%) – qualifies as a significant award for IJHS
  • Silver Award (Next 15%) – qualifies as a significant award for IJHS
  • Bronze Award (Next 25%)
  • Honorable Mention Award (Next 20%)
  • Certificate of Participation (Next 30%)

Math Warriors Competition

  • Gold Team Award (2-4 teams awarded)
  • Silver Team Award (6-12 teams awarded)
  • Bronze Award (8-16 teams awarded)

Awards are depend on group size.

Mind Sports Challenge

  • Gold Team Award (2-4 teams awarded)
  • Silver Team Award (6-12 teams awarded)
  • Bronze Award (8-16 teams awarded)

Awards are depend on group size.

For further details, please check at

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