Southeast Asian Mathematics Olympiad (SEAMO)

SEAMO, Southeast Asia Mathematical Olympiad exam is an international Math Olympiad competition originated in Singapore. It was founded by Mr. Terry Chew in 2016 including eight Southeast Asian Countries. Since then, it has grown to popularity around the world. In 2019, it was recognized by eighteen countries. In 2020 total twenty two countries are participating. Students from Brazil, China, New Zealand, and Taiwan enrolled in SEAMO 2021-22.

The SEAMO Math Olympiad exam has been organized in over 22 countries. 20,000 students participated there. In Indian, SEAMO Olympiad has been conducted since 2016, offered to both primary and secondary schools.

SEAMO Registration Dates

Registration for the SEAMO exam shall be done by filling the registration form from SEAMO’s official website. Students, parents, or teacher’s can register through their email. (

SEAMO India Registration Process

SEAMO is a two phase exam i.e. SEAMO and SEAMO X. The achievers of SEAMO will participate in SEAMO X. The registration process for the both the phases is same. Students can register on SEAMO’s official website and register as per the required details.

SEAMO registration can be done in three different ways:

  • Students can register themselves by Login to the SEAMO portal to manage their profile.
  • Parents can register their child through Login to SEAMO and go to ‘Manage Children.’
  • Teachers can register their students by logging in to SEAMO to ‘Manage Students.’

Participants will fill in all the details in the registration form. They have to for test centre and test centre code.

SEAMO sample papers are available on the website. SEAMO model papers or sample papers help students to be better equipped with the skills and exam patterns and help them to focus only on problem-solving during the examination.

SEAMO Fee Details

  • After filling the registration form, they will get an invoice with payment instructions on their respective mails. Candidates must follow all the instructions while making payment.
  • The registration fees differs from country to country based on currency conversion. Candidates can get the registration fee amount in the invoice.
  • Mode of registration fee payment can be by cash, demand draft or pay the order. The demand draft or pay order should be in favour of the FL – SEAMO test account payable at New Delhi. 
  • After payment, Candidates will get a notification about Hall Ticket. Hall ticket is a proof of entry to the exam. After receiving a hall ticket, registration is confirmed.

SEAMO Syllabus

The SEAMO pattern is based on the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad curriculum. The SEAMO Olympiad syllabus helps students to develop critical thinking skills. The syllabus is  primarily from the school syllabus. The SEAMO India 2021-22 test pattern includes 25 problems to solve in 90 minutes. The difficulty level of the mathematical questions increases from the lower standards to the higher standards.

The test is been categorized into six papers according to the class of the student. The test pattern includes:

  • Paper A / Lower Primary (Classes 1 and 2)
  • Paper B / Middle Primary (Classes 3 and 4)
  • Paper C/ Upper Primary (Classes 5 and 6)
  • Paper D / Junior (Classes 7 and 8)
  • Paper E / Intermediate (Classes 9 and 10)
  • Paper F /Senior (Classes 11 and 12)

Click here for syllabus details. 

SEAMO 2021-22 Features

SEAMO Olympiad was introduced by Mr Terry Chew to discover the mathematics Wizards through the creative challenges. SEAMO was introduced to prepare candidates for mathematics competitions.

The main features of the SEAMO Olympiad are as follows:

  • The test provides the perspective of the external company by marking their ability and skills.
  • Provides a common platform that assesses students’ ability to solve problems by forcing them to think critically.
  • SEAMO encourages students to develop logical and analytical thinking skills.
  • It is not a test of knowledge or speed; SEAMO tests a child’s critical thinking ability and assesses whether students can apply the learned concept while solving a problem.
  • A customized report card will help the learner to work on their weaknesses and improve on them.
  • Depending on the SEAMO experience, the student will develop a learning style of adequate comprehension, ultimately helping them excel academically and competitively.

SEAMO 2021-22 Benefits

Following benefits are leveraged by students who participate in SEAMO Olympiad:

  • 95% of the students who attempted the SEAMO Olympiad since 2014 have achieved 2-grade improvement in mainstream maths with a 60% winning rate in the Maths Olympiad.
  • Winners of SEAMO have secured seats in top schools of Singapore and other prestigious institutions around the world.
  • The RA*CE framework used in SEAMO, which is developed after 12 years of extensive research, helps students maximize their results
  • Winners of the SEAMO Olympiad achieve medals, certificates, and entry to the SEAMO hall of fame.
  • All the students registered for SEAMO Olympiad will receive strength-weakness analysis.

SEAMO 2021-22: Registration package

All students who have registered with SEAMO will be entitled to:

  • SEAMO Portal Login
  • Examination Entry
  • Unlimited Practice Portal (Online)
  • Past 1-Year Questions and Solutions (PDF)
  • Math Mastery Online Series training course (FREE)

SEAMO 2021-22: Mark Allocation


Section A

Section B


Multiple Choice

Free response


1 – 10

11 – 20

21 – 25





Total Marks





Choose the best answer of the five possible options

On your answer sheet fill in your answer within the box provided

SEAMO 2021-22: Ranking and Results

Candidates will be ranked by class Level (not paper category) within their country.

Results displayed:

  • Award
  • Local Rank
  • Local Percentile

Global Rank and Global Percentile is applicable to SEAMO X Candidates only.

In statistics, percentile shows a students’ performance with respect to the performance of others. The highest score indicated the 100.00th percentile while the average score indicates to the 50.00th percentile.

SEAMO Awards

Candidates are ranked within their own academic level. Candidates of a higher class will not be ranked against candidates of a lower class level.

Eligibility for SEAMO X

SEAMO X is the international round where SEAMO top performing candidates represent their country at the international level. There are two different sections in this round of the competition. Candidates in the Champions section and Open section shall be ranked separately.

SEAMO X Champions Division

Candidates who achieved the GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE awards are eligible to participate i.e. candidates scored the 60th Percentile or higher.

SEAMO X Open Division

All candidates who achieved Certificate of Participation are eligible to participate i.e. candidates scored lower than the 60th Percentile.

SEAMO X Marks allocation

  • SEAMO X features Open-Ended problems only.
  • Marks will not be deducted for wrong answers.
  • No workings are required to be shown.
  • No multiple-choice questions. 
  • Paper A
    • Section A (Questions 1 – 10) — Four (4) marks are awarded for every correct answer.
    • Section B (Questions – to 20) — Six (6) marks are awarded for every correct answer.
    • Total: 100 marks
  • Paper B, C, D, E and F
    • Section A (Questions 1 – 10) — Six (6) marks are awarded for every correct answer.
    • Section B (Questions 11 – 15) — Eight (8) marks are awarded for every correct answer.
    • Total: 100 marks

Ranking and Results

Candidates will be ranked by class Level (not paper category) against all international candidates. Results displayed:

  • Award
  • Global Rank
  • Global Percentile

In statistics, percentile displays a students’ performance with respect to the performance of other students. The highest score is an indicative of to the 100.00th percentile while the average score indicates to the 50.00th percentile.

Champions Division

Open Division

All students shall be awarded the Credit medal and certificate.

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