American Math Olympiad (AMO)

AMO Overview

American Math Olympiad (AMO) is an international math competition for elementary, middle and high school students. Competition is jointly organised by SIMCC and Southern Illinois University (SIU).

AMO is open to all Grade 2 to 12 students. The exam framework is based on The US Common Core Standards. A group of the best educators from Southern Illinois University design papers to challenge the student and promote their interest in math.

AMO Benefits

  • Students can get university scholarships, Global Scholars Program, International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) membership, tuition grants and internships.
  • Focussing on the fundamentals of math, helps in developing skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical reasoning.

AMO Exam Details


Details are as per below table for Grade 2 to 12.


Number of Questions

Marks per Question

Total Marks






·         No points deducted for wrong answer

·         Multiple choice questions





·         No points deducted for wrong answer

·         Open ended questions





·         No points deducted for wrong answer

·         Open ended questions








Singapore registration

School sign-ups

  • Minimum 10 students are needed to register for the competition as school candidate.
  • Contest will be Paper Based.
  • How to register
  • School will send the parent invitation letter to the parents for them to register.
  • The parents will pay directly to school either using cash or EduSave.
  • Teacher can download the registration form, fill in the student information and upload the form to the Portal at For any issue or unsure on how to upload to the MDP Portal, please drop an email to

Private students

AMO will host Paper Base exam for all private candidates.

How to register

  • The students can register for the competition from portal.
  • Once registration is successfully completed, student will receive an confirmation email and the stripe receipt number. If you have not received an email, please contact

Overseas students

Please contact respective country partner for registration details.


  • Gold Award- Top 8% and qualifies as a significant award for IJHS
  • Silver Award- Next 12%
  • Bronze Award- Next 20%
  • Honorable Mention Award- Next 10%
  • Certificate of Participation- Next 50%
  • All participants will receive an e-certificate.
  • Students securing full marks will be awarded Perfect Score Certificate.
  • The top 40% of the participants will receive a physical certificate and a medal.
  • The top 40% of winners will be invited to compete in the SIMOC.
  • The top 20% of winners are invited to compete in Steam Ahead- the IJMO.

For further details, please check at

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