Class 7

Indian Online School – a school for OLYMPIAD Champions provides best practices to be an OLYMPIAD Champ with best mentorship and guidance. Our live online classes provides subject clarity and concept understanding. Live interactive sessions, regular worksheets, assessments and mock tests provides complete preparation for Olympiad exams.

  • Live Interactive and doubt solving sessions
  • 60+ Topic-wise practice worksheets
  • Tests and assessments
  • Mock tests based on previous years question papers

Indian Online School prepares Class 7 students for Math, English, Science exams conducted by multiple organisation as mentioned below:

  1. Science Olympiad Foundations (SOF)
  2. CREST
  3. Silverzone
  4. Unified Council
  5. HummingBird
  6. EduHeal
  7. Indian Talent Olympiad
  8. Southeast Asian Mathematics Olympiad **
  9. Institute for Promotion of Mathematics **
  10. Math Kangaroo **
  11. ASSET
  12. International Assessments for Indian Schools (IAIS)
  13. Indian School Talent Search Exam

Details of syllabus covered for each subject is as mentioned below:

** Does not conduct Science and English exams

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