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Olympiad Specialists

We specialize in nurturing young minds to achieve success in multiple Olympiad exams.

Cognitive Skills Development

Structured programs to sharpen critical thinking, problem-solving, reasoning and logical skills.

Learn with Experts

Team of experienced mentors provide guidance and support to nurture potential of every student.

Analysis Based Learning

Dashboard empowers teachers and students to analyze and review performance.

Our Programmes

Give Your Child the Extra Edge of Fun Learning

Nurturing Future Champions of Olympiad

We unleash the potential within your child and guide them to become champions in multiple International and national Olympiad exams.

Live online Interactive session by Olympiad experts.

Courses Offered


Class – 2 to 8
Olympiad – SOF, Silverzone, Unified Council, India Talent Olympiad, Crest
Subjects – Math, Science, English & Logical reasoning


Class – 3 to 8
Olympiad – IPM, Aryabhatta Math Olympiad (AMO), ISTSE
Subjects – Math & Logical reasoning

Level 2

Class – 3 to 8
Olympiad – SOF, Silverzone, Crest, Unified Council, India talent Olympiad
Subjects – Math, Science & English


Class – 3 to 8
Olympiad – Math Kangaroo, American Math Olympiad (AMO) SASMO, IMOCSEA, VENDA
Subjects – Math, Science

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Who We Are

At Indian Online School, we are more than just an online platform for Olympiad preparation. We are a passionate community of educators, mentors, and learners committed to nurturing the champions of tomorrow. Our mission extends beyond exam success; we’re dedicated to cultivating logical thinking, reasoning abilities, and analytical prowess in our students.

Our mission is to empower students like you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in Olympiad challenges and beyond. We believe that every student has the potential for greatness, and we are here to unlock that potential.

Begin your journey to Olympiad glory and enhanced cognitive skills. Explore our meticulously designed courses, meet our accomplished mentors, and embark on a transformative learning experience that will set you on a path to success in Olympiad exams and beyond.

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A Bright Start to Your Child's Future

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We prepare for multiple Olympiad exams
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