International English Olympiad (IEO)

In today’s time, English is a global language and has been an important aspect which indirectly determines the future of our students. Because of the widespread acceptance and understanding of English, it is most preferred language at national and international level.  Whether it be a student’s educational aspirations, a future career, or simply being incorporation of English into society can’t be denied.

Eduheal foundation organizes the International English Olympiad (IEO) to enhance student’s English spelling, grammar, sentence construction, and language skills. The objective of the English Olympiad is to improve student’s abilities by introducing basic and meaningful ideas.


Students of class 1 to 12 CBSE/ICSE/State Board or any other recognized are eligible to apply.


Level 1

  • Class 1 to 6: 40 Questions
  • Class 7 to 12: 60 questions

Level 2

  • Class 1 to 12: 40 Questions


  • Level 1: 60 Minutes
  • Level 2: 30 min


Rs. 125/- per Student and school may charge Rs 25 for its expense towards conduct of exam.

The Centre of Examination

Exam shall be conducted in respective school only.

Marking schemes for Level 1 is as below

Marking schemes for Level 2 is as below

Level 3 sponsored

Sponsors or related organizations conducts level 3 exams at national or international level. The International English Olympiad Training Camp supports level 2 toppers to prepare for project-based competitions run by the Oracle Foundations.

For more details, Please visit the link or contact Indian Online School at +91-7993461226

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