International Informatics Olympiad (IIO)

International Informatics Olympiad has been conducted at national and international levels in the field of Computer science. The exam is based on CBSE/ ICSE and state boards. It covers a wide number of boards so that students from all over can avail the opportunity to test their skills in computer subject.

IIO has been conducted at Level 1 only. All students of classes 1st to 12th are eligible to take part in Level 1 (only).

Benefits of the IIO exam

  1. Help in building the skills required to master in Computer science.
  2. Develop and strength the reasoning and analytical skill of the students to solve tricky problems.

IIO exam

  1. The language medium is English only. Following are the details for the examination to be  conducted from 1st to 12th classes:
    • For Classes 1-2: 25 questions and the duration will be of 40 Minutes.
    • For Classes 3-5: 30 questions and the duration will be of 40 Minutes.
    • For Classes 6-8: 35 questions and the duration will be of 40 Minutes.
    • For Classes 9-12: 40 questions and the duration will be of 50 Minutes.
  2. For offline examination, the details of the manner in which the test is to be conducted will be sent with the question papers. For classes 3rd onward OMR answer sheets will be provided. For online examination, all the instructions will be provided online.
  3. The questions will be of objective type in nature with multiple choice answers. There is no negative marking.
  4. There will be a different question paper for each class.

Marking scheme is as below

Raw Score

Raw Score is calculated from the total of multiplying each correct answer with its base marks. i.e. Raw Score = SUM (correct answer X subsequent base Marks)

Total Marks

Total Marks = Raw Score plus SUM (Weightage of Correct Answers)

Weightage : Each Question has an additional weightage starting from .0001, .0002 and so on. E.g. Q. No.1 will be having the weightage of .0001 and Q. No. 2 will be having the weightage of .0002 and so on.

The weightage will be utilized to break the tie while calculating Class/Zonal/Olympiads ranks.

Olympiad Rank

For Olympiad rank, all Students from India and Abroad of the same class are included.

Class Rank

For class rank, all students from all sections/division of the same class of the same school are included.

For more details, Please visit the link or contact Indian Online School at +91-7993461226.

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