How we help students to crack Olympiad exam?

Every student is unique. At Indian Online School we believe in this fundamental tenet of teaching. Our approach to education is a unique one. We provide our students with strong fundamentals and then help them build on it with state of the art teaching techniques. Our focus is always on nurturing students and giving them the tools to succeed at competitive exams like the Olympiad.

Our unique, well researched, rounded and cutting edge curriculum is designed in order to identify an individual student’s strengths and augment them, while identifying areas that need to be worked on. Once this is achieved, we calibrate our efforts on further strengthening these areas. Our approach to the Olympiad consists of a few unique steps that are mentioned below.

Starting as early as possible

H. Jackson Brown Jr. has said “The best preparation for tomorrow is to do your best today.” We believe that students appearing for the Olympiad must begin preparing for the exam as early as possible. Since these exams are generally held at the end of the year, we recommend preparing for the exam from early in the year. This means that students who begin preparing well in advance have the best chance of completing the syllabus and therefore more than enough time to practice.

Guidance in understanding the syllabus

At Indian Online School, we enable our students to understand the Olympiad syllabus completely. We help students and parents identify concepts that they are comfortable with, thus getting them to understand their strengths. We also help them with their problem areas, focusing more of our time and energy, in helping them build their overall preparedness.

Helping co-create a study schedule

The Olympiads are all about practice, and we help students create an appropriate study plan with plenty of time to prepare and brush up on their curriculum. Repetition and revision are key areas students need to focus on. We help students prioritize their time, energy and effort, such that they get the most out of their study time.

Sample paper practice

The Olympiad is a highly competitive exam and students need to be well versed with answering question papers. Knowing the type of questions and how best to answer them is a skill that can only be acquired by practicing with sample papers. We provide our students with comprehensive papers and help them prepare thoroughly, thereby giving them the confidence to excel at the finals.

Encouragement and guidance

One of the cornerstones of Indian Online School’s teaching philosophy is to encourage and guide students. Our instructors are always at hand to speak with, listen to and increase a students’ morale and confidence. Errors in answers are dealt with, with patience and nurturing. We believe that every child is uniquely gifted and deal with each student with patience and an open minded attitude.

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