How to prepare for Math Olympiad?

One of the foremost prestigious and oldest mathematical competitions within the world, Math Olympiad exams are organized by various Olympiad organizations, like SOF, Silverzone, Unified, Asset and many more. Most of these exams are been organized once in a year as International Math Olympiad (IMO) by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), International Olympiads of Mathematics (IOM) by silverzone, Unified International Mathematics Olympiad by Unified council and other organizations. These organizations intend in an exceedingly specific method and pave a way to maximize the student’s potential.

Here are few tips to prepare these exams:-

  1. The International arithmetic Olympiad (IMO) needs an excellent quantity of planning and preparation, however before getting ready, students should bear the complete info of Math Olympiad syllabus.
  2. The International Math Olympiad takes the math curriculum of CBSE, State Board, and CISCE in consideration. Thus it’ll be useful if the students follow queries from all 3 boards.
  3. Students shall register for these exams through their respective schools and few by online mode.
  4. Make a timetable and follow with a correct schedule. Don’t stress out and settle for that you simply area unit tense however don’t let it take over you.
  5. Students can take help and guidance from their school. Teachers are always well aware of Olympiad opportunities. Hence, for math Olympiad, students can take advice from their subject teacher.
  6. While preparing for Math Olympiad, students can have a lot of queries. They can discuss these doubts/ queries with expert teachers.

How we help student to prepare for Math Olympiad

  1. We provide LIVE ONLINE classes, practice worksheets, doubt sessions, assessments, and mock tests.
  2. We provide many weekly and monthly tests online so that students can take up from sitting at home to prepare themselves better.
  3. Our specialist are subject experts and try their best to clear all their doubts.
  4. For one step preparation, Indian Online School – a school for OLYMPIAD Champions, provides complete guidance and mentorship for various Olympiad exams.

We hope this article provides you good insight for Olympiad exam preparation and score good rank. We wish all the very best to all students.

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