Are Olympiad competitions good at an early stage? 

When given a thought on Olympiads, it usually seems as a burden to parents & students when added with routine studies. They think that it can disturb daily study at school and can lower grades. Also, for some, taking the olympiad competitions at an early stage of life can be a little unsettling process. But remember, When done right, competition can help your children learn skills they’ll use throughout their lives. Every student should face at least one good Olympiad Exam, in its early stage. Here are reasons supporting this thought.

  1. All the Olympiad Examinations are a platform providing unique and healthy competitions to the students.
  2. They are a great way of finding young geniuses and creating a talent pool for the future.
  3. Olympiad Exams are conducted by SFO (Science Olympiad Foundation), which is renowned & has built the name itself nationally or internationally.
  4. Olympiads are not just simple exams, they are a lot more than that. They will bring out the best in your child and will motivate them to be better & best.
  5. It will open a road of greater achievements for you. A rank in the olympiad exam will itself bring excellent opportunities to you.
  6. It teaches tricky problem-solving and is more conceptual-based. When taken up & started preparing, students find them being more & more interested in it day by day.
  7. These exams help cultivate a kind of analytical thinking in the children which are useful in any examination, be it IIT-JEE or any other competitive exam.
  8. Learning happens best when you’re excited about it. An Olympiad Competitive Environment is perfect for developing your skills because it surely pushes you to always give your best.
  9. It has been seen, that India does not perform very well in the international Olympiads reason behind students do not have that much exposure. They are very much talented but are not aware of the skills required to take the Olympiad exams. Hence, taking Olympiad exams from a younger stage inculcate the habit of taking the challenge.
  10. Lastly, it gives a sense of confidence that remains for life long. With just being confident you can do good & great things.
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