How to prepare for Level-2 Olympiad Exam?

The first and most significant step to passing the Olympiad exams is preparation. Student should be thorough in their preparations, design a study plan and follow it religiously. Take as many as possible mock tests practice, practice and practice!

A lot of individuals assume that memorization is enough for them to pass their Olympiad exams however this is often not true the least bit. Level -2 Olympiad exams need to possess correct understanding of concepts/ subject matter. Moreover thus ensure you are attempting out differing kinds of queries before taking the actual test. Few pointers for students study plan:

  1. Design a study plan: Dedicate an hour at least for these exams. These exams definitely helps in your academic too.
  2. Work on your weaknesses: Understand the concept. In case of any difficulty, discuss with your teachers, parents, or peers.
  3. Do not leave gaps in your preparation: Stick to your study routine and concept clearance.
  4. Don’t study for too long or too fast; instead, follow the correct pace that’s best for you.
  5. Take as many mock tests as possible. The best way to prepare for an Olympiad exam is by taking lots of mock tests, which will help you to sharpen your skills and improve your performance in the real test. You can also do this by reading through books or articles that cover the same topic that you are going to be tested on in order to understand it better before writing any answers during the actual Olympiad exam itself.
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