Everything you should know about Level -2 SOF Olympiad Exam?

Olympiad exams aim to encourage technical, analytical and research among students round the world, whereas additionally providing them with active expertise that may facilitate them perform well in future exams. The SOF Olympiad is that the largest and most prestigious International level Olympiad competition within the world. Student excelling in preliminary stage of SOF Olympiad exams are encouraged to appear for level – 2. In this article, we will cover all about level -2 Olympiad exam.

Eligibility Criteria

The Level -2 Olympiad exam is an International level taking place each year. Level -2 SOF Olympiad exams are conducted for science, Science and English for Grade 3 to 12 students. These exams are usually conducted during first/ second weekend of February in an offline mode. Students fulfilling the subsequent 3 criteria are eligible for the Level -2 Olympiad exam.

  • Top 5% of scholars, class-wise, who attempted level -1 Priority are given to marks scored by the scholars in different sections to work out ranks just in case of a tie of marks.
  • From every Zone – top 25 rank holders from each class.
  • Class topper from every collaborating school wherever a minimum of ten students from a class appear in the level -1 and score 50% marks.

The level – 2 Olympiad held for the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English

Syllabus for level – 2

The Syllabus of level -2 Olympiads is same as level – 1 Olympiads however the problem level will increase. In level -1, questions are slightly straightforward, direct, and fewer tough, whereas in level -2 questions are either tough or tricky and in-depth. So, it becomes very necessary to possess a robust command over the subject. Most of the preparation part is done if student’s concepts are clear.

Ranking Criteria for Level -2

In the level -2 exams, ranks are accorded on the subsequent criteria:

Total marks scored by the scholars in the level -2 stage.

If two or additional students score similar marks, ranks are determined on the subsequent criteria:

  1. Marks scored in sections within the level -2 will get higher priority.
  2. Total marks scored within the level -1.
  3. Marks scored in sections within the level -1 accorded higher priority.

If two or additional students score similar marks underneath all above criteria, they’ll receive identical rank.

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