Are Olympiad exams easy or difficult?

Are Olympiad exams easy or difficult?

A genuine concern is always there, before even starting to prepare, whether we will be able to crack the Olympiad exams or if it will be too difficult, but we want to tell you that this is just a little fear of yours. Usually, the difficulty depends on the type of Olympiad, but in general, Olympiad Exams are not as difficult as people make it sound. With proper planning and hard work, you can achieve anything. Not just students, sometimes parents get too concerned about whether the Olympiad will be an easy or a difficult task for their children. This thought can easily demoralize them and their child and we don’t want that to happen.

Some of the things you can do to make Olympiad exams easy for you and not let your stress are:

You must understand the Exam Pattern.

First & Foremost, thoroughly understand your upcoming Olympiad Exam Pattern. The pattern of all Olympiad exams is entirely different from your school examinations. For ex: for SOF, It is an objective type of test of 60 minutes, in which there are 35 MCQs for classes 1st to 4th and 50 objective-type questions for classes 5th to 12th. The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) has its method of taking them. All Olympiad exams have their own pattern. You can explore their websites for details.

Your School Timetable and Home Study Timetable must be in sync.

Timetables are always needed to achieve greater things in the field of education. So, before you start preparing yourself for an Olympiad exam, make sure you have planned your time accordingly. The timetable should be prepared in a way that you can study for both school and Olympiad. Plus, you have enough time to rest and for some extra-curricular activities.

Just Focus on Basic Concepts & Avoid Rote Learning.

Rote Learning Techniques for sure are to be avoided when you have to prepare for an Olympiad. This Repetitive Memorization Technique always turns out to be a failure. We would advise you to take one topic/subject at a time and give your complete focus to it. Understanding the concepts will have you the most, even outside the Olympiad world.

Developing the Habit of Test Taking.

How to be fully sure of yourself and your preparation before taking up any Olympiad Exam? For this, you should develop the habit of taking Olympiad tests more and more to prepare yourself better and be sure of yourself. Many weekly and monthly Olympiad tests can be taken up while sitting at home.

Make sure to clear your Doubts.

Doubts are necessary and can come at any point in your learning/preparation. You must not avoid them or save them for later. Meaning to say is that, If you are having any doubt regarding any topic or subject, clarify that at the same time. Otherwise, it may trouble you a lot in your preparation. Take help from your teachers, mentors, friends and family.

Keep your Approach Positive throughout.

Most of the time, an individual’s attitude decides his/her rank in the Olympiad exams. Negative Approach/Thought can ruin a great opportunity like this for you. Being negative will only make you anxious and will increase the difficulty, while the positive approach will make every step of yours easy to flow. It will give you a healthy mind and you will wholeheartedly do preparations for the Olympiads.

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