Science Olympiad and their benefits

The Olympiad examinations are conducted by various organizations at national and international level. Science Olympiad covers CBSE, ICSE, IB and state boards syllabus. The foundation for success is continuous journey which starts at a young age. The Science Olympiad Exam enables students to grasp concepts related to science and technology and gives them the edge in schoolwork as well as other competitive examinations.

Benefits of Olympiad Science Exams

  • Equips children to understand and solve complex problems
  • Enrich the student with problem and analytical solving skill.
  • Increases aptitude and intelligence
  • Helps build a scientific and logical foundation for the child
  • Puts children in a competitive frame of mind
  • Helps develop a love for learning
  • Helps students adjust better to schoolwork and do better in examinations
  • Gives children a clearer understanding of achiever mentality and prepares them for life’s challenges
  • Begins a lifelong thirst for knowledge by encouraging independent thought and curiosity.

How to prepare for Science Olympiad exams?

Scienceaims to build knowledge about the natural world. Scientific knowledge allows a child to develop new technologies, solve practical problems and make informed decisions. At Indian Online School, our curriculum is geared towards strengthening their fundamentals for science. We understand the importance of a solid base and have structured our entire method of instruction for Science Olympiad exams around this tenet. Here’s how you can help your child prepare for the Science Olympiad exams.

  • Teaching science concept with daily life examples: As science is the study of concepts which revolves around our lives, best way to understand the science, is to teach with life example.Success at Science Olympiad Exams is directly related to how much Science interests them. Concept understanding in science, therefore, is very important. A child’s mind processes problems attached to stories, curiosity, and questions better, so we encourage students to ask as many as questions and be curious to know more.
  • Practice makes perfect: there is no substitute for practice. Once a child grasps a particular concept, constant repetition and revision is the only way to reinforce the concept in their minds. Therefore, constant practice cannot be discounted. In Science you’re only as good as your basics. The Science Olympiad exams are all about the basics and revising and regular practice has the added advantage of making it a good habit for schoolwork and exams in the future.Our goal is not to force students to routine learn, but to empower their curiosity and encourage their understanding of the subject.
  • Conducting topic-wise mock tests: Mock tests are a great way to ensure that children are truly prepared for the Olympiad examinations. These mock-tests can be done in a topic wise manner. What this helps achieve is the reinforcement of recently learned concepts while still fresh in the mind.
  • Sample papers: Olympiad Science Exams are as much about speed, familiarity with the syllabus and questions from across topics, as they are about preparation. Whether it is a student in Class 2 or Class 12, familiarity with the format of the exam and an ability to solve the paper quickly and correctly is vital. Therefore, solving sample papers helps familiarize the student with both the format of the paper, and helps him / her pick up their speed in solving the paper. At Indian Online School we constantly test our students with Sample Papers and Papers from previous years.
  • The importance of a routine: Routines are the bedrock of a structured and well-prepared study cycle. Therefore, it is important to inculcate this practice into students from a young age. Setting a timetable and helping students follow it is extremely important. This allows them to focus intently and intensely for a fixed period of time. It is as much about how they utilize their time as it is about what they do with their study time.
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